Weekend and Cinema Rolls

Aaaah, the weekend is here – bliss! About bloody time too! Wasn’t this week at least, like, 22 days long? Last weekend, we were treated to a pre-release screening of Monsters University (two words: go see!) and the night before I stayed up late making cinnamon rolls to take with us (as the screening was in the morning, and popcorn for breakfast? Really? No.). At about ten to midnight, as I tiredly stumbled up the stairs after having finished making said cinnamon rolls, I realised something. Those weren’t cinnamon rolls. They were CINEMA ROLLS! Get it? Because they were for the cinema, right? Cinema rolls! I think it’s the funniest I’ve been since Christmas. Mr Man may not agree, but I think that might be because he isn’t Swedish. Anyway, the CINEMA rolls (not letting that one go that easily!) went down a storm, so this weekend, I’m baking again.

CinnemaBunsInstead of the traditional rolls, I’ve made mine the way my nan used to make then when she was alive. You just cut the dough into strips and twirl them until they curl into a… Twirl? Gah, I’m running out of twirly words, but they almost look like flowers anyhow:

CinnemaBuns3Whip an egg and brush on – this is to make them brown nicely in the oven, but my nan always used to say that the egg really was glue for the sugar crystals to stick to! Hmmm – yum!




And in the oven they go!

We’re having a BBQ this evening. My cousin is coming over (who is obviously also Swedish) and so is my Swedish colleague from work. So us Swedes will probably indulge in some of these tonight. Tomorrow morning myself, my cousin and Bean are doing a car boot sale (hello 6 o’clock start on a Sunday!) so we’ll bring some with us there too. I’m thinking this batch of CINEMA rolls will go down a treat!


Have a wonderful weekend!