(Un)Organised Chaos

This was the plan:

Let the above drawing be the evidence: drawing room plans on the bus = not a single straight line. But, let’s keep it real – and it still communicates what I wanted to do. Alexandra came back (unbelievable) for a second weekend of ‘helping-Anna-move’ and was welcomed by myself and this:

We soon had one wardrobe assembled:

Next were the shelves:

See that? She’s still smiling! Can you spot the desk in the background? Even though the room turned out to be smaller that I had anticipated when I drew the plan above, we decided there was definitely enough room to have the desk.

After this picture, things get blurry as we ‘mad-unpacked’ and stuffed the shelves full with anything/everything – just to clear more floor and empty boxes. Few hands were empty for long enough to pick up the camera to document the progress along the way. This blurry iPhone picture is the best I’ve got:

The second wardrobe is in place, and so is my little bench below the window. This house move was exhausting, worse so that previous ones for some reasons. I’ll leave you with this beautiful picture of my moving/box/bruised legs. I was tired, achy and blue everywhere. But, I was home!