Tweeny inspiration board…

Oh my god, I’ve been having so much fun with this! As in I-can’t-sleep-at-night-because-I-have-a-million-ideas-about-how-to-make-this-happen-fun!

Obviously I’ve had a little bit of time to dwell on this, as we’ve been thinking about it since Christmas, but I’ve only put this inspiration board together now, to try and keep me (and my tired, idea-riddles mind!) focused. I think it gives a good over-all idea of what we are trying to achieve:



That psychedelic pattern on the right would be my old curtains from TFTSNBM (the flat that shall not be mentioned). Since moving out from there, I don’t need them anymore, so I’ll donate them to this good cause. The Hang On by Normann Copenhagen I’ve also got already. Gumbear lights have been ordered from the States, and the cupcake table (a la homeAnnAway = on a budget!) is drying as I type. The rest of it is still very much work in progress.

I will be repurposing my sofabed, also from TFTSNBM, to give the room a more grown-up feel and the flexibility to fold it out to a double if Bean has a sleep-over. I’m pulling things together from all over the place, and I’m quickly reaching a point where I’m running out of reasons not to tackle the actual room. Watch this space! And Mr Man – roll your sleeves up, I’ll be needing your help on this one!