We have created our own tradition. Every year, just before Christmas, we head up to Liberty and buy a new decoration for our tree. Usually the chosen decoration is some kind of representation of the year gone by. Last year two kittens came to live with us, and so last year’s decoration was a white cat with a gold collar. This tradition means that we only have one of each decoration in our tree, but to keep things a little less crazy (our house is crazy enough) we have decided to stick to white and gold as a theme. This year, 2012, has been a difficult year for many reasons. As Christmas decorations tend to be of a more jolly and hope filled nature, finding one representing what we have been through… Well, it just wasn’t going to happen. So. This year, we chose to look forward instead. We chose an acorn – as a symbol of our hope that 2013 will be awesome and kick ass. At least.

(You’ll be happy to hear my brother gave me a camera for Christmas. With some instructions. I WILL get better at taking pictures. New Years resolution?)

God Jul, Gott Nytt Ar, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!