Told you it was dangerous!

Ok, so you know I said it was dangerous for somebody like me (who can see potential in almost anything) to be exposed to charity shop goodies on such a regular basis? Well, yeah I meant that. I spotted these babies on a back shelf in the stockroom and  FELL IN LOVE!


I’ve been looking for some large table lamps for a while and have been considering buying a couple from the charity shop and just do them up (spraypaint, hello). But all the lamps I’ve seen that I have liked have been £35 or so, and right now I’ve just not been able to justify spending that sort of money. I know these are just from IKEA, but even if I have bought them new from there they would have been £57 each (£114 total). It’s the…

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 14.25.36

… Åsele base, combined with the…

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 14.26.13… Jåra shade. (why do they allow for the seam in the lampshade to show in the picture?? Strange…). And no, those names don’t mean anything in Swedish, they are just names.

My lamps were a little dusty…


… but what does it matter – look at them! Oooooh and Aaaaaah with me, people – come on!!

Textile cord – oooooooh!


Old style looking dimmer (that’s right, d-i-m-m-e-r) switch – aaaaaaaah!


All I had to do was wipe them down a little, attach the shades to the bases, and add bulbs… Like so…


And they were ready to rock n’ roll!


I have absolutely no idea where to put them.