I have a secret alcove in my new room.

Can you see it? What about now:


A bit messy, I admit, but as there’s no room for bedside tables on either side of the bed, this, dear friends, will be the closest I get to a bed stand. Messy, and not cosy at all. So instead of continuing unpacking, I decided to focus on this! I had retrieved this light from one of the boxes:

It’s the Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen, from Design House Stockholm (check it out here: and I lovelovelove it! Its pretty in the window (maybe not in this picture…) but I decided it was perfect form y bedside nook. Like so:

It’s really hard to photograph this as it’s half hidden by the headboard of the bed, but this gives you a good idea. You see the little white dish poking up to the left? That’s where my computer remote lives. If I don’t give it a home, it gets lost, so I feel particularly good about that! I fantasise about painting the back of the alcove in a bright pink, or maybe wallpapering in a bold funky pattern (oh the excitement!) but that will be a later project. For now, having turned a secret alcove into a glowing a glowing alcove is good enough for me!