Raising the bar question.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve become increasingly curious about alcoholic drink storage at home. At the moment we have one of those kitchen wall unit bottle racks that we got when we bought the kitchen 3 years ago, one like this:


However – I detest it. I want to remove it, tile the wall behind it and put up open oak shelves, with one rounded corner. Hmmm, I think that would look great! I do have open shelf-plans for another part of the kitchen too – but that’s a different post…

When the bottle rack comes down, I need to have a plan for the bottles that are in there now, but my idea stream is running dry. I had a look on Apartment Therapy (I practically live on that site), and spotted a few different solutions.


Having a bar cart seems to be a very popular solution on this American site. Bear in mind though that American homes are larger (and clearly grander!) than British homes. Also, I’m not sure I would like to have our entire drinks collection out on display like this, never mind where I’d find the room to keep a trolley if I had one! Moving on…


Now, I quite like this. I think it’s smart, it blends in more with other items in the home and doesn’t scream ‘WE HAVE LOTS OF ALCOHOL AT HOME AT ALL TIMES BECAUSE THAT IS HOW WE GET TRHOUGH THE DAY!’ the same way a bar cart does. It would only be the nice bottles that make the cut though, which leaves me with the task of finding the less attractive ones a home elsewhere.

BarSideboardSee, THIS really appeals to the OCD designer in me: Decanters. Oh, decanters. Decanters, decanters, decanters. I’d have the house full of them if I could. This would be an option. I just need to get enough decanters together, which, to be fair, shouldn’t be difficult – the charity shops are full of them. How well do spirits hold in decanter though? And the only good place to keep the beloved decanters would be on the sideboard in the conservatory where they will bathe in light all year around, and then in ridiculous heat in the summer. Would that affect them at all? Hmm.


Call me boring and Swedish if you like (at least one of them will be true – HAH!) but I think this, or an Anna-fied (that IS a word) version of this, will be the winner for us. I think by the end of the day, I do prefer the bottles tucked away and out of sight. Not because we have a self-control problem (not with alcohol anyway – yummy baked goods is a different story), but because it’s just neater. And I don’t know, child-friendly? At this rate the kitchen will be going through a major overhaul very soon. Mr Man will love it. NOT!

Ps. All images in this post were sourced from this post over at apartmenttherapy.com – http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/one-two-three-four-weve-got-ba-132871