Post holiday blues + overwhelm

I know, I know, I know. It’s been awfully quiet around here for a few weeks. I was on holiday (so good!), but that’s not really an excuse. I found tons of inspiration while I was out there, and I really should have shared it all on here. I will, soon as. I don’t know why I keep doing this – just keep adding posts to the list…

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment. Coming back from two weeks of relaxation and heading straight back into reality has felt like a shock to my system. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this tired in my life. I started moving back in with Mr Man just before we left for Sweden, meaning we came back to a chaotic house full of moving boxes. I’ve managed to find the time to unpack most of them, and the rest we put up in the loft earlier this evening. But I’ve not had the time to do anything properly, you know? I’ve unpacked my kitchen stuff, but now the cupboards need reorganising (or clearing out rather…) to fit everything in. Until I have the time to do that we’re digging through a jumble of stuff just to get to the spatula. My clothes are all unpacked, but my gym stuff is currently sharing a drawer with my socks as I cannot find space anywhere else, resulting in a drawer that just. Won’t. Stay. Shut. Can you understand why I’m bordering on stomach ulcers? Drawers that don’t shut… I mean – gah! And the afore mentioned loft… This is what it looks like at the moment:



And I’m supposed to work in the home organisation field… Yeah. Actually, the picture above isn’t entirely accurate. After I snapped this shot we put even more stuff up there. ‘More stuff?’ you say. ‘Is it even possible to HAVE more stuff?!’ you ask. The answer is yes. Yes you can. If you are me – an self-proclaimed stuff-o-holic – you absolutely can. The thing is though, there is a reason I ended up fascinated by storage solutions and home organisation. Not because I am a minimalist, or because I’m naturally well-organised. I have always liked to have things, own things, pretty things. I’ve simply HAD to learn how to be organised and how to store things cleverly. But clever storage solutions require planning and time. This loft has had neither. It stresses me beyond belief that this mess is just sitting there over our heads, being… messy! Gah! *deep breathing* I WILL get to it.

On top of the messes hidden behind doors (and the loft hutch) I have dust bunnies, slowly growing larger than the cats, lurking in the corners. I’m sure they will attack soon… What is strange though is that even though I’m so stressed, I still keep having ideas for projects. Millions of ideas. It’s as if my brain never rests. No wonder I’m so tired all the time… To keep some kind of order in there, I’ve started putting a list together. It looks like this:

ProjectTableI showed this to Mr Man, and he proclaimed that ‘normal people don’t do that’. Luckily, I have never strived towards being normal. This graph is super handy! As time is at short supply (I work 3 days a week and the remaining time I’m trying to get my business off the ground) this way, if I end up having a few hours, a day or a weekend free, I can easily look at my little project graph and pick which one to tackle. If you have as many ideas in your head as I do, you would soon discover why mapping them all out in a graph like this is the only way to keep them all in order. I’m a little like this:



A lot actually, if you ask Mr Man…

I’ve also got a list of about 30 blogposts that need typing up.

Overwhelmed is really just the tip of the iceberg. I am getting myself organised this weekend, so as of next week homeannaway should be back on track.

Bear with me people, bear with me.