Moroccan Summer

I’m going to leave you for the weekend with some bright colours of a window display I did for the charity shop late summer last year.

What I love the most about dressing the windows at the charity shop is that I never know what I’ll get to work with. I turn up and have to come up with something on the spot. One week last summer I turned up and somebody had donated a full set of gold cutlery. It was most likely not real gold, but either  way, it was sort of mesmerising. I had to use the set in my display.


I displayed the cutlery along any other gold coloured item I could find. Add the bright colours, and there is something Moroccan about it all!




I don’t know why these images appealed to me right now. Maybe it’s because the sun is actually shining while I’m writing this. Or maybe it’s because last night when I left work, it wasn’t dark outside. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because spring is in the air… 🙂

Next week I’ll have a few days at home. If I’m lucky enough to have a sunny day then, I’ll try and photograph the living room in it’s new sultry greige colour. It looks great at all times, but especially when it’s sunny!

Have a lovely weekend!