I love your top!

Remember where we left this off?


I finally got all the doors hung, although I didn’t bother adjusting them until the top was on. Any yes, you’ve guessed it – the TOP is ON!! Here’s how it happened:

We’ve got solid oak worktops in the kitchen (which is the next room along from the conservatory/dining room) and I. LOVE. THEM. Yes, they do require maintenance involving sanding and oiling and stuff, but I wouldn’t have it another way – I simply love to warmth they bring to the kitchen.

KitchenDigging this picture out I realise I don’t have any decent photos of the finished kitchen – shame on me! I shall rectify soon as, and put a post together on the kitchen refurb with updated pictures. This was taken while we were still working on it (thus the lack of plinth, handles on the wall units, and extractor hood…) But look at those worktops – aren’t they just gorgeous? They’re saying ‘Hey, come on in, hang a bit, bake on me, everybody’s invited!’.

Where am I going with this? Well, I wanted the top for the sideboard to match the ones in the kitchen, but (surprise, surprise) we didn’t have a ‘solid oak’ type of budget. Solution:


About 10mm thinner than the kitchen worktops, and definitely not oak, but decently priced and I would only need 3 to make the whole top. It’s at times like these I wish I still  had my car. Travelling by train with planks of wood is… Challenging?


Anyway, back at home, wood in tow, I once more transformed the kitchen into a workshop.


I had some leftover pieces of the spacers I used when I built the sideboard. I figured these would be perfect to join the planks up and make one large piece of wood, like so:


Once the planks were all joined up, I just had to try them on! Not bad huh? 🙂


But, the top still needed a lot of sanding – and it had to be stained to look more like oak. I set up in the garden, but only got a chance to snap this one picture of it before my camera battery died. While it was charging I had to crack on as I only had so much time to get this done. So sorry for the gap in progress pics, but it went from this:

Sideboard13To THIS:


As if by magic!!

It still needs knobs, and the doors need sanding and edging, but for now I’m really happy with it! What do you think?