Funky Planning

My life is blessed with the presence of a little girl (or not so little – she’s 11 in August!). She is by far the coolest girl I know and I love spending time with her. Let’s call her Bean. Even though Bean is young, she already has a very clear idea of what her style is, especially when it comes to clothes (oh the arguments we have about this – but that’s a different post altogether) but also what she likes to have around her. Last Christmas she wished for a new room design, and as you can imagine – I was all over it! She had a very specific idea in her mind, namely this:

Miranda Cosgrove

For anyone out there who don’t spend as much time with the Nickelodeon channel playing in the background as we do, that is iCarly. She’s the main character in a tweeny show appropriately named ‘iCarly’. The room she’s standing in is her ‘new’ bedroom, and Bean LOVES it. Here are another view of the room:


Funky, huh? Take a closer look at that chandelier:


Yeah. Those are gum bears. I’m assuming they have been laminated, before they’ve been strung up individually to make up the shape of a ball. Amazing.

Now, it has to be said that Bean’s room is about 10 times smaller than iCarly’s, but we did look into buying the exact same furniture. We figured we might be able to make it work. They are only available in America, and they are CRAZY expensive. The chandelier alone is close to $6,000, and the cupcake table in the picture above is $3,500.

So, we’ll have to get creative. If Bean wants a funky room, we will give her a funky room, dagnammit! I’ve had some time to think about this, but now’s the time to pull it all together. I have a few ideas. I will fine tune them and get back to you. Project! 🙂