Diningroom rug: Before and After

Finished! After battling black-pawed cats and the small size of our living room vs. large rug, I have made it through to the other end of the long and dark tunnel that is rug painting. Actually it wasn’t so bad. Except for the cat part… Luckily I had some white/cream paint on hand, so I could paint right over the paw print. Initially I was contemplating painting the entire rug white first, and then add the black lines. I figured it would make it a bit more wipe-able. And maybe that would have been a good idea. I might just fill in the unpainted stripes with white paint at a later date.

But, onto the before and after! So, dining room before:


During (bonus pic!):


And, drum roll please – AFTER:


I absolutely, positively LOVE it!! (The mouse in the foreground is not real. No animals were injured during this project. Just chased. And maybe shouted at after getting black paw prints all over the house. And not the mouse, just the cats.)

One more:


What do you think? You like?

Just one more, for direct comparison:


Love it! Brings it to life a little,huh? And see how the sisal rug blends into the floor even more now? I’ll still keep it there though, I think the layered look adds warmth and softness to the room. So so SO GLAD I went ahead and did this! Process post up next, so soon you’ll know exactly how to do this yourselves. Maybe we can start a trend?? 🙂