Diningroom dreaming…

… on such a winter’s DAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

As you may have guessed already, I never got an opportunity to photograph our living room last week, bet there is hope for the weekend so stay tuned! Instead I’ve been dedicating a bit of brain-time to our dining room. The notion of focussing on one room until it’s finished is just not for me.

Our dining room is an on-going project (as is, I suppose, the rest of the house). The last time we visited the dining room, it looked like this:


Which is definitely a significant improvement to how it once was. But still, there is a lot more cosiness to be wished for in here. Personally, I blame that white panelled wall. It lends the entire room a kind of caravan feel, and somehow screams ‘temporary’ at me every time I look in that direction. I can’t explain it any better than that, but it bothers me. The reason those panels are there is simply because it was a less expensive solution when we built the conservatory, than brick would have been. And there is only about 30cm (if that) between that wall and the neighbours fence, so not a particularly nice view, sure enough not worth the extra cost of glass panels anyway. So, we ended up with PVC. Phwoar – not. Mr Man and I have discussed our options, and considering this room is exposed to a lot of light (glass roof, hello!) and in the summer also silly heat (glass roof, hello again!) we are a little bit limited to what we can do in here. We could board the panels out, to make a smooth wall and wallpaper it, but I worry that the wallpaper might fade and/or curl and peel. Then I saw this over at Kara Paslay’s blog, and I got twinkles in my eyes!


 Isn’t that little nook cute? Make me want to curl up in it with a good book when it’s raining outside… But that’s not what we are looking at. See the wall behind the bench seat? The plank wall? Here’s a bigger picture picture.


Gorgeous, right? May I also point out the exquisitely well chosen black and white stripey rug that is under the table in that last picture. Remind you of anything? Meant to be I’m telling you! Anyhow, the wall. I thought of potentially carrying on the wooden floors up and onto the wall, like in this very realistic and professional Photoshop mock-up I created to try and convince Mr Man:


But he wasn’t sure. So I looked around Tha Internet some more, and spotted this:


 Ooooooh – yum! More:


 It’s basically wood panelling, that has been rough and tumbled with. Close up:


This last picture is probably the tidiest of them all, and most likely the effect we will get if we bought planks of wood from Homebase or B&Q. I don’t mind the look at all, but I think Mr Man preferred the slightly more weathered look. So, we’re looking into how to achieve this . I’ll get back to you with our findings.

I am also considering replacing our dining chairs. When we bought the ones we have I was over the moon, but now… They feel a bit space-age-y. Cold. I want something warmer, maybe a bit more classic. Something like this:

wishbonewhite1Oooh, they are soooooo beautiful!!! But they are like £200 a pop, and I don’t know… I can’t really justify it. Not right now anyway. But if I win the lottery, you know these babies will be the first thing I’ll invest in! 🙂