Charity Shop Window

As you may have gathered already, I absolutely love DIY and anything to do with building / painting / wallpapering / improving / creating. Our house can only handle so many projects at any one time (and I’m seriously thinking of going a project diet for a while, just to focus on finishing touches to projects already started but only completed to 99%), so I started to look elsewhere for an outlet for this passion of mine. As I have spent a third of my life working in retail, it’s an environment I feel very comfortable in. I figured I could try to apply my passion to my experience, and landed on window dressing. I now window dress for a few different shops around London, and I LOVE IT! I’m having so much fun! I’m always looking for more window dressing opportunities by the way, so if you have a shop or business with a window in need of TLC, get in touch!

I work for this charity shop once a week, and I find it so satisfying. As it’s a charity shop, I never know what I will be working with, but have to look over what has been donated in the last week (or what has been hiding in corners of the shop for too long) and think on the spot. It really pushes me to apply all my creativity and cleverness at once!

I’ve got quite a backlog of window displays to blog about, but I ‘m setting up a new category today for them all – so keep an eye out!

This is from Monday of this week. We decided to go for a Vibrant Summer theme.


It’s difficult to get the entire window into one picture, so here are a couple from the sides:



In general it’s just really difficult to get good pictures of a window, as you risk ending up with more reflections of the other side of the street than of what is actually in the window itself. It looks vibrant enough though? Everytime I go to the charity shop I marvel at the treasures that other people have discarded as trash. As somebody who can see potential in almost everything, it’s almost a little bit dangerous! I’m always falling in love with something. Right now, I’ve got an eye on this basket:

WindowDrssing2Isn’t that just a great shape for a basket? I’m thinking I might use it as a flower pot for a large green plant somewhere in the house… I deliberately put it in the window – has it sold next time I get there it wasn’t meant to be. On the other hand, if it’s still there… 🙂 Hmm, Mr Man, we may have to make room for another basket at home!