Catch-up post.

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Thank God January is over!

Aaaaaand that brings us up to about now, right? Maybe not entirely, I do have a few pictures from this Christmas I’d like to share (but not loads as I cooked my hiney off this Christmas and it’s hard to hold a camera, a whisk and a spatula at the same time), but first a more pressing matter: booze. I don’t know about you guys, but over Christmas and New Years we have accumulated a rediculous amout of booze – wine, whiskey, vodka, more wine and maybe some more whiskey. Multiple bottles of each. Now, some of them we bought as we had people around on Christmas eve, but a lot of it was given to us by friends, neighbours and guests (thank you, guys!). The only problem is – I don’t know what to do with it all now! The obvious answer would be ‘drink it!’, but both Mr Man and myself drank out own bodyweight in alcohol over the holidays, so we’re taking a bit of a break. I need somewhere to keep all these bottles. Which leads me to this question: how do people store their booze at home nowadays? On a nice tray on the sideboard in the diningroom? In a glass cabinet? A specific bar cabinet? Like, do people have those anymore? I sense a future post on this theme…

Now, here is our Christmas in fast-forward.

Christmas tree (VERY important):


Our most recent addition to the Christmas family:


Christmas presents:


Swedish Christmas baking (because I wasn’t busy enough in the weeks leading up to the big day):


Christmas table center piece (although, one would have thought I’d take the time to light the candles before taking this picture. Seriously, poor, Anna, that’s just poor):


And my very own angel. I kinda wish he’d been naked, but for the angel wings, in this picture… 🙂


January was a busy month, but I still managed to squeeze in a little bit of planning, and a window dressing or two. February will be the month that I play catch-up. Just you watch me.