Can one layer rugs?

While faffing over what type of stripe to paint on the dining room/conservatory rug, I stumbled across a large sisal rug. I dress the window for Princess Alice Hospice home store in Kingston, and happened to be there when this came in. I got it for £8. £8! They are around £100 at IKEA (I do look at/in other furniture stores at times, I promise). It’s huge, and I suppose it does the huge-rug-under-the-dining-table-job really well. It’s just that, it’s almost the same colour as the floor, so it doesn’t really POP much:


So, I think I’ll still go ahead with the paint idea, and just layer it on top of this one…? I know that probably sounds weird, but I really like the thought of it. We added this room to the house almost 3 years ago. My Man had been dreaming of a conservatory for as long as I’d known him, and when we installed double glazing we got the same company to do a conservatory as well. And we like it. It’s just that, we don’t. We like the idea of it, but we hardly ever sit out here – it’s just not as cosy as the rest of the house. So maybe double rugs may just soften things up and cosy-ft it a bit… Worth a shot. Just gotta actually do it now! Scary! Exciting! 🙂