Birdies in Bean’s Room

I realise I sort of left you guys hanging. You must be (c’mon, at least pretend to be) wondering ‘but what about Bean’s room? What’s going on there?’. After teasing you with such yummy things as the cupcake table and the funky chest of drawers , I can’t blame you for wanting more. And who am I to deprive you?

I present to you:

BeansRoomWallSticker1Birds on the Wire! See in Bean’s inspiration room, you can just about spot one of these in the background:

Miranda CosgroveCan you see it? It has lightbulbs hanging from it. And a pink… Dog…? …! Anyway, I borrowed the idea straight from the picture. As you can see in the screenshot above, this only set us back approx £17.00 (including postage) which I feel was a good price for the impact it had on the room.

Wall stickers are delivered on sheets, just like any other type of stickers. Out of the packaging, we were dealing with this:

BeansRoomWallSticker2It looks straight-forward enough, and I suppose in many ways it was. But I’m not going to lie to you – getting this thing up on the wall was a pain in the hiney. Starting off was alright, as you’re only really battling two large stickers with good grip surface.

BeansRoomWallSticker3Not bad, huh? From this point it got a lot more complicated, as making sure the stickers were all lining up perfectly became increasingly difficult by the size and detailed shape of the stickers…

BeansRoomWallSticker4There was a lot of repositioning going on. I did help out. Just that, you know, somebody has to hold the camera. Tripod, you say? Nah, never heard of it…

The really challenging part was the long strips that made up the actual wires. They are long, yes, but thin and so they don’t really have any grip surface worth mentioning.

BeansRoomWallSticker5Not long after we had finished mounting the sticker to the wall, the wire pieces started coming off. As we are pretty sure Bean will want to keep this wall sticker up for a good few years, and as we’re not super precious about the paint work, we easily solved this problem with a few drops of PVA glue. The stripes are now stuck firmly into place! 🙂 Add a couple of birdies to that, and I think it’s pretty cool – don’t you?

BeansRoomWallSticker6I know, I know, you can’t really see all of it here – this picture has been CLC (Cropped Like Crazy) – I’ll let you see more in the big reveal next week! Tomorrow we’ll take a closer look at that bed. Sofa. Bedsofa. Sofabed. Gah, you decide. Tomorrow.

Til then.