Bean’s Bubblegum Cupcake

So Bean’s room is coming together. Remember her inspiration? It was this:


It’s quite (!) an eclectic room, and due to size restrictions (and budget restrictions) I won’t be able to recreate all of it. So I’ve chosen just a few key pieces and hope they will be enough to recreate that funky feel in the space. First up is the cupcake table – see it there next to the sofa? Here’s a close-up:


Now, I got the idea of how to recreate this back in January. Remember this post? The clue was in the pictures all this time:



It’s a Hatten table from IKEA! They’ve had it forever, but it’s never really appealed to me. Until now. I was just looking around for anything with a similar shape to the cupcake table above. I figured I could always change the appearance, but the shape was essential. So I bought this without being entirely sure how to go about transforming it into iCarly’s cupcake table, but for £16? Worth giving it a shot.


Once home, it quickly went from this:


To this:

ElliesRoom2 I realised pretty soon I should have spray-painted it instead of being cheap and only buying sample pots of paint and a brush.  See those stripe marks? Yeah, they’d become a problem later. For now though, I just kept painting the inside of the table again and again, hoping that the stripes would fade more and more for every coat of paint. Once I had used up all 3 sample pots, the table looked like this:


Not too shabby huh? But I wanted more oomph. I had these gorgeous fairylights laying around, so decided to incorporate those.




That pink colour is just glorious, isn’t it? 🙂 Anyway, this is when the paint stripes mentioned earlier really became apparent. When backlit, they looked like this:

ElliesRoom8I was going to leave it, trying to convince myself that I was the only one who could see them because I knew they were there.  But nah, couldn’t do it. So, I ordered this from eBay for £1.99:

ElliesRoom9I thought I would be like wrapping paper and fairly easy to work with. Turns out I was REALLY wrong! It’s a thin horrible, slippery plastic film which was a nightmare to work with. But out of two bad options (backlit paint strips that would FOREVER bug me, or temporary hell of working with flimsy film) you choose the less bad. (Just to clarify, that would be temporary hell of working with flimsy film. I’m happy to suffer but only if it’s temporary. FOREVER scares the living daylight out of me!)

So, I measured, traced and cut, and the flimsy film was just as horrible as I had predicted.



The flower shaped piece is for the bottom of the ‘cupcake’ and the long rectangles are to wrap along the sides inside it. Does that make sense? It will, trust me!


Making sure that my sparkly little flower shaped piece of Flimsy Film (FF) would fit – I wanted it to come up onto the sides a bit, to overlap with the rectangular side pieces which would come next – I glued it into place. I used spray glue (which I love and hate in equal measures) and this one allowed me to reposition the pieces for a short period of time before drying completely. I had a feeling that would be handy to be able to do. Sparkly, huh? 🙂


And then the sides… See where I’m going with this? Can you picture the oomph? 🙂

ElliesRoom14I cut little circles out of the FF to cover the top of the leg sockets, and voila! Sparklefication complete! Now, lights, camera, action! Or more like ‘lights and drill for cable’…


You can see it there though, in the top right picture – it’s cute, isn’t it? 🙂 Here it is in a slightly darker corner to really show how it lights up, and how the sparkly FF reflects the light beautifully!


One more:


I love it! You think Bean will? I know I’m probably biased, but I think I actually like my cupcake table better than iCarly’s! Here is a picture of hers again to save your scrolling all the way up to the top of the post.


Yes, definitely like mine better! What do you think?