Bean’s bed – part two.

When we decided to re-do Bean’s room, we were considering getting her a bunkbed. She’s getting to an age where sleep-overs are happening a lot more often, and in general whenever she has friends around, they’re not playing anymore – they are more ‘hanging out’. We thought the bottom bunk could operate as a sofa, and the top bunk would be Bean’s bed. The idea was good, but Bean’s room is so tiny, by putting a bunk bed in there we were stealing all the light, and it felt like we were stealing the air too. So we reconsidered. And decided to put my old bed to use.

I put a little GIF together for you, to explain how it ‘works’.


Bean may or may not enjoy making her bed up every morning. I would put my money on not, but you decide for yourself. Anyway, the bed/sofa/sofabed/bedsofa now happily resides in her little room. Like so:


I’m dying to chow you the rest of the room, but there is one more tiny little project I want to show you separately – THEN this room will be ready for the full reveal! 🙂