Bean’s bed – part one.

For my old place, I bought one of these:

BeansBedIKEAI lived in a small studio, where there wasn’t enough room for both bed and sofa, and definitely not enough room for  a ‘full-time’ double bed. So, I had to be inventive. This was an inexpensive option, but as you can see – hardly a sofa to snuggle up in… I actually don’t understand exactly how IKEA is intending this daybed to be used. I mean, no sides and no back… It’s more like a pull-out sofa bed, minus the ‘sofa part’. Hmm. Anyway, I took it upon myself to add the ‘sofa part’ to this daybed myself. This is what I had in mind:


I know it’s far from perfect, but I draw purely to communicate ideas, not to prettify. The frame would need to be made from a strong sheet material as the separate pieces are only attached to one another and to the bed along the bottom half. I love plywood for so many reasons (it’s strong, it doesn’t warp, fairly cheap, and I actually think it’s pretty), so it may come as no surprise that plywood is exactly what I chose. As the largest plywood sheets I can easily get a hold of are 2400mm x 1220mm, I had to get 2 sheets to make the frame. This plywood will be covered by wadding and fabric, so I chose to settle for the less expensive, less attractive kind.


At B&Q (LOVE B&Q!!) they cut the material for free. As the geek I am, I drew up these cutting diagrams. It may seems sad, but the guy operating the saw actually thanked me! Hah!


BeansBeadDrawing3Makes it a whole lot easier to transport like this too! I realise there are a lot of excess material here, but fear not – I would never let any plywood go to waste. Any scraps were used for other projects, my own or clients’.


Once all the materials were in place (in my tiny little studio), I got to work. And yes, I may have built this in my pyjamas. Don’t judge me.

ElliesBed5So the three large pieces wrap around the bed. I joined them together with L-brackets, both on the inside of the corners and on the outside.


In such a small space, it was easier to simply build the frame where it would live – around the bed. My niece Malin was visiting at the time, so I obviously made sure to put her to use. Here she is, posing with the finished frame.

BeansBed6Next up: padding. In my little sketch at the top of the page… Wait, here it is again, save you scrolling up and down:

BeansBeadDrawing1See the sketch in the top left hand corner, the one that looks a bit like an up-side-down taco shell? That was how I was intending to “upholster” the frame for the sofa. That was until I discovered that wadding is £25.00 (!!!!) per meter… Unbelievable! So, basically, no, wasn’t gonna happen. I needed another alternative. And I found these, at IKEA:

BeansBed7It’s £4.00. For 2 meters. And it’s the same thickness as the £25.00/metre wadding. Score. I bought 4 of them, but only ended up using 2. Let’s not go crazy now.

BeansBed9Don’t you just love staple guns? I  do. Makes a project like this so much easier! I had chosen a dark grey tweed like material for the sofa – I bought almost 10 meters, and basically cleaned the store out.

BeansBed10I made a bedspread out of the same material to match the frame:

BeansBedMadeAnd some backrest cushions as well:

ElliesBedMade7Some throw cushions as well, and voila:

BeansBedMade12Sofa at day, and…

ElliesBed11A cosy bed at night!

Mission completed. Phew.