Another IKEA hack for Bean

This week is all about the living room – we’re stripping the wallpaper off the walls and will be redecorating this weekend. I’ll keep you posted on wallpaper removal tactics, wall repair dramas and colour choices as we go. But first…

Bean’s room is almost finished! I will show you the room in its entirety soon, but wanted to share this with you now as I’ve really enjoyed transforming a boring and plain piece of furniture into a funky little gem!  (Have I had too much coffee today? I have, haven’t I?)

So this is iCarly’s chest of drawers:

Miranda Cosgrove

As I might have mentioned before, we are (always) on a tight budget, so I figured I would have to get creative. I bought this from IKEA:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.20.11

Boring, isn’t it? But cheap! So, it doesn’t hurt so much to start cutting into it, or painting it. Which is exactly what I did.


First I stained the sides and the top if the ‘casing’. I could have painted it, but it looks nice to be able to see the wood grain through the stain. I used this one:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.43.59


Gotta love anything that’s quick drying! Then I went to work on the drawer fronts. I used a hole-saw to cut 2 circles in each front. Then, using my jigsaw, I joined the 2 holes up with 2 straight cuts – you can see the preparatory lines in the bottom right picture.


The result was a long hole with rounded edges. I could have left it like this, after paining the fronts white, and just used the holes as handles. Like this:


But then we would have missed out on the orange, and nobody wants that. So, I decided to cut down the top inner edge of the holes diagonally – to create a lip. Does that make sense?


I don’t have any better photos of this part of the process, as both my hands were busy cutting and sanding. Hopefully you understand what I mean… To get that orange gripledge effect, I cut a thin piece of MDF into 3 strips, painted each of them orange using just a test pot (great shade of orange, isn’t it?!), and nailed them into place on the inside of each drawer front. I had to use short nails as the drawer fronts aren’t very thick. This proved to be quite a challenge for my chubby little fingers – until I realised I could use a wall plug as a nail holder. One has got to be clever to get things done!


The drawers ended up looking like this:


I just love how the orange pops out from the white! And now, the finished piece:


Cute, huh? The inspiration again:

Miranda Cosgrove

And my version again (last time, promise):


I think it’s really cute, in a funky kind of way. Suits Bean perfectly! 🙂

Budget breakdown:

Chest of drawers: £20

Sample paint pot: £1.59

Wood stain: £4.99

MDF: had on hand

White paint: had on hand

TOTAL: £26.58

The Rast chest of drawers from IKEA is a hack favourite. Have a look over at, and search for “Rast’ – it’s amazing how you can transform one piece of furniture in so many different ways! I might have to add mine to their collection… 🙂