Pegboard Obsession (help!)

I know they have been around for years, so it’s hardly big news. However, after finding myself with a bare wall here at Casa Del Anna (an extremely rare occurrence) I’ve been sinking some serious time into researching how to fill it. Because leaving it blank I cannot. So, I’m finding myself pinning picture after picture of pegboards onto my Pinterest ‘Must-build’ board. Although I haven’t chosen exactly what to go for yet, I’ve selected some of my favourites here for you!

Pegboards in the kitchen

Due to their insane versatility, pegboards lend themselves well to most spaces, but I am particularly fond of them in the kitchen. Hang often used utensils on them for easy access. Pop a shelf on so your favourite coffee mugs can remind you how to start your day as soon as you enter the kitchen in the morning. Display your impressive curry collection, and let those fresh herb pots brighten up your cooking space. I especially like the idea of placing a little radio on a top shelf, safe out of the way from water or cooking splatter!

For the home gym

Now, personally I don’t have the space in my house for a proper home gym setup. My other half works out in the bedroom (he’s got a fold-down weight lifting bench and free weights tucked away in there) and I do my resistance training work outs in the lounge on a yoga mat that I store rolled up behind the sofa – very glam. However, this doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t LOVE to have the space for a proper home gym! Especially since home workouts has become the norm over the last year. These gym pegboards make it look so attainable – space saving like nobody’s business! In addition to them being easy on the eye, I also like that the easy access to all training paraphernalia in all likelihood makes tidying up equally easy. When designing children’s rooms, the rule of thumb is to make it easier to put things away than they are to get out – to encourage organisation habits and making tidy-up time a breeze. There is something to be said for bringing this concept into every room of the house, children or no.  One thing to bear in mind though: if the pegboard will house any free weights at all (I would probable recommend against this), do make sure the wall anchors can cope with the weight…

Full wall hallway solutions

Oh, now, be still my beating little heart! Hallways are another obsession of mine (I know, I’m perfectly normal) and these large scale pegboard solutions are just brilliant! With any small space, and especially in high traffic areas such as hallways, getting things OFF. THE. FLOOR. is key. Utilising walls to their fullest extent in anyway possible –  hooks, shelves, baskets, pull-outs, etc – will allow even the busiest and tiniest hallways to function properly. These walls are so versatile they can change and grow with the family as needs change. Love love love!

Quite a few years ago, I was asked by a client to create storage for their two sons’ sports equipment. We’re talking tennis kit, cricket kit, bicycles – the lot. The space they wanted to use for this was a corner of the home office. Using large scale pegboards, I managed to cram it all in for them, but I realise I haven’t posted anything about it. I’m gonna dust off the photos and share the project with you. It’s not quite as stylish as the photos above, but goes to show just how hard pegboards can work for you! 🙂