Another New Beginning…

I am currently living in a shared house. It may look as if I have moved house quite a lot this year. It’s because I have. I am a strong believer in not settling, and so if something doesn’t work out, I think you should change it. Don’t settle. So, the little studio caused me all sorts of problems, but as the proceedings over my deposit etc are still ongoing, I’ll be saving those stories for a later date!

So, shared house. I love it. It is warm and dry (hints at what the studio wasn’t) and I share it with 4 other people, who all happen to be lovely. I am very lucky. The house is in a road I have always wanted to live in, and now I am! This is what my room looked like when I moved in:

That’s Alexandra, my second cousin.  She’s incredibly hardworking and keen – I have barely got the camera out of my bag before she was dismantling the old wardrobe. Super-chick to have around at al occasion – especially during house-moves! 😉

So the room came kitted out with a double deb, a wardrobe (that was falling apart and my landlord agreed it had to go), some wall shelves, and this beauty:

Not only is it luxurious to have such a large chest of drawers all to myself, but this also happens to be a very special piece of furniture. It may not look like much, but it’s teak, and the top is leather, edged with brass. It needs some TLC, that’s all. Just watch this space!

The room also come with that pink wall and cheery butterflies, all curtesy of my housemate Debbie. Now, I’m not quite as cheery a person as Debbie, so decided to neutralise that wall a bit, using Homebase’s Soothing White.


There, blank canvas. Now, let the fun begin… 🙂