Seeing The Potential – Blog post series…

As much as I’m all about promoting falling in love (or maybe staying in love) with the home you are currently in, there are times when our circumstances force us to move house. We will soon be in that position ourselves (our 1 year old is still sleeping in our bedroom, and his toys are slowly taking over our entire house). Like the savvy girl I am, I’m very keen to make sure we make a good investment with our next house, and that we will have in it everything we want/need – without breaking the bank. Daunting. It’s at this stage I believe it’s really important to be able to see the potential in a property, see what could be and not just what is. This is the thinking behind my new blog post series called ‘Seeing The Potential’ where each week I will find a property currently on the market here in the UK, and give you ideas as to what that property could be. Move a few walls, add a couple of windows – you know what I’m getting at. I have to put a disclaimer here – I’m not an architect nor a surveyor, so my suggestions and thoughts would be subject to building regulation and structural assessment by professionals. I do however have a fair bit of experience when it comes to property remodelling (I have been in the interior design industry for years and have been involved in a few of those 🙂 ) , so any ideas I will be presenting to you won’t just be taken out of thin air. Keep your eyes peeled!



Re-launch: HomeAnnAway – turning To Do into Ta Da!

*deep breath*

I’m back! Hello! Hi!

During my extended break from blogging I have been working on plenty of shop windows, interiors and furniture (will blog about it all!) but most importantly – Mr Man and I have had a baby! 🙂 Well, he’s 13 months now, so not really a baby anymore, but still the cutest thing in a pair of soft-soled shoes! I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to stay at home with Peanut for a whole year to really soak in everything that motherhood entails. It’s been bliss (and very little sleep). But now it’s time to come back to reality. Peanut is with a (fantastic) childminder two whole days a week, and even though I feel as though I have lost a limb on those two days, it’s nice to get a chance to be creative again, to use my brain for other things than nappy changes and sleep schedules. The fact that Peanut LOVES his childminder makes it all the better. So, here I am, re-launching HomeAnnAway. The blog has expanded to also hold my interior and furniture business that previously went under Anna Ostman Designs. I have chosen to focus on small space living and bespoke solutions as that’s the niche I seemed to end up in no matter what previously, and frankly it’s what I most enjoy. Designing large spaces can be fun and satisfying, but it is in the small, awkward, seemingly unusable spaces the real challenge lies – and that’s the challenge that really makes me tick!

I’m so excited to be back! I’ll be sharing everything about on-going projects, ideas and bespoke solutions completely unique to HomeAnnAway. Here I am, ta daaaaaaaaa! Come, share my journey!


Ps. Logotype, website and business card all designed by the super talented Erik Östman over at His website alone makes me homesick for Sweden!