Prepping for paint…

I mentioned wanting to remove the wallpaper and paint in the livingroom in a previous post, but have not been keeping you up to date on the progress made. The paper removal was tough, but nowhere near as bad as I though it would be. After reading Young House Love’s wallpaper removal technique reviews, I decided to use a spray bottle with warm water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid to soak the wallpaper, 1 meter wide sections at a time, and then simply scrape the paper off with a spackel knife. Most of it came off in large pieces whereas other parts were more stubborn and required more elbow grease. It’s insane how much material you actually remove!


Yes, we have bin bags that look like Christmas puddings. Who doesn’t? How to make the bin men smile in August:


Cute huh? 🙂

Anyway, it took about 5 hours to get to this stage:

LivingRoomPrepPaint1That’s how the room was painted before the wallpaper went up. I’m impressed with how immaculate the paintwork actually was behind the wallpaper!

LivingRoomPrepPaint2The walls did need repairing in quite a few places, especially behind the sofa (see pic above) where there used to be a fake fireplace, semi bricked into the wall (WHY???). Mr Man removed the fireplace within a month of moving into the house. Over time, the patching up he did then had sunken further into the wall, so more spackel was needed! I spent almost an entire day spackling, the fireplace and the rest of the room – especially around the doorways where the plaster came off with the wallpaper.

LivingRoomPrepPaint9What? What fireplace?


We all know what comes after spackling: Waiting. For the damn thing to dry. And then some more wating. And THEN sanding. Messy messy job! But, once every wall was as smooth as a baby’s bottom (well, almost anyway), it was time to paint! Oh no, hang on, masking tape comes first. I try to freehand as much as possible and have stopped using masking tape in the ceiling for example. But when it comes to power sockets and light switches, it’s just a lot easier to use masking tape. I have perfected a technique for this:


Oh, it’s so neat, make my little OCD heart beat faster! 🙂

After two coats of primer, I was here:

LivingRoomPrepPaint14It was unbelievable how BRIGHT the room felt! Bright and airy. It made me nervous to think that I was goin to paint it in a darker colour again… But let me tell you – the second I started on the grey I. Fell. In. Love! Stay tuned for after pictures!