Sparkle sparkle little light…

I knoooow, that’s not how it goes, but I’m still learning when it comes to the titles of my posts. Deal with it.

Sooooo, final project for Bean’s room before the big reveal. The final little piece of the jigsaw puzzle. You ready for it? Here’s the inspiration:


Those are gummy bears. Strung up on fishing lines. Individually. Luckily our ceilings are much too low for something like this, meaning I saved myself a couple of weeks of threading sticky sweets onto really thin wires and trying to figure out how long the lines needed to be. Believe it or not, I have got better things to do with my time. But I had a lampshade on hand, and some beads… Could we do something with that?


I got my spray glue out, and after making sure I had enough beads to cover the base of the ceiling light (I may or may not have had to order more from eBay…)…


I covered the edges of the disc with regular masking tape – I only wanted the beads to stick to the flat centre bit.


My spray glue smells worse than any chemistry lab, so I always use it outside. Once it was all covered, I poured the beads back onto the disc. Only then did I realise I should probably have removed the masking tape first, but I managed to wrangle it off without spilling all the beads (unbelievably).


After spreading all the beads out across the entire disc, I left it leaning against the side of the bath onto a towel. Weird you might think, but there is a thought behind it. Not all beads stuck on straight away. The tub keeps them all in one place, and the towel stops them from bouncing all over the place.


The glue was dry after about 20 minutes. When I picked the disc up, I realised there were quite a few gaps. Nothing a bit of PVA glue and some fiddling couldn’t solve!


Look!! I just LOVE the colours!!


I almost wanted to keep it laying around like this for a while, just to look at it and gasp! But, the purpose of this project was to make a light for Bean. So back into the fixture it went. Now, when the light is off it loks like this:


And when it’s switched on…


I gave Bean the option of having the beaded side of the disc, facing down and always visible, but she preferred the element of surprise in a plain white lampshade that turns slightly more magical once switched on. 🙂 Love that kid! 🙂

The Dosh:

I spent £8 on beads (including shipping) from eBay, and the light was £30 from Clas Ohlson. Spray glue I already had on hand.

Total spent: £38 – which is not peanuts really, I know. But still good for a completely personalised project!

Bean’s bed – part two.

When we decided to re-do Bean’s room, we were considering getting her a bunkbed. She’s getting to an age where sleep-overs are happening a lot more often, and in general whenever she has friends around, they’re not playing anymore – they are more ‘hanging out’. We thought the bottom bunk could operate as a sofa, and the top bunk would be Bean’s bed. The idea was good, but Bean’s room is so tiny, by putting a bunk bed in there we were stealing all the light, and it felt like we were stealing the air too. So we reconsidered. And decided to put my old bed to use.

I put a little GIF together for you, to explain how it ‘works’.


Bean may or may not enjoy making her bed up every morning. I would put my money on not, but you decide for yourself. Anyway, the bed/sofa/sofabed/bedsofa now happily resides in her little room. Like so:


I’m dying to chow you the rest of the room, but there is one more tiny little project I want to show you separately – THEN this room will be ready for the full reveal! 🙂