Elephant in the (bath)room.

A while back I stumbled across this:


Ah-maaaazing, right? Isn’t it just gorgeous? I mean, yes it’s $89 + shipping to London, but I wasn’t sure I could live another day without this shower curtain (or knowing it was on its way to me – only took a week and a half…) And see that? See how it says ‘Buy Now’ on that turquoise button? I took that as an instruction. Innocent first-time (my a$$) online shoppers like myself are so easily lured into parting with our hard-earnt cash (or just stick it on our credit card…) simply by being obedient. Hmm.

Anyway, the shower curtain turned up, and made me this happy:



Anybody I know (or maybe just you mum – hi!) would pay $89 + shipping to put a smile like that on my face!

I bought this shower curtain when I lived in the-flat-that-shall-not-be-mentioned (TFTSNBM). I had my very own little bathroom then, thank you very much. Now, I can’t write much about TFTSNBM, as there is an ongoing dispute over my deposit (yeah, 6 months later) and I don’t want to risk damaging my case if we end up going to court. BUT, this I can say – there was never any need for a shower curtain as the water pressure was so low that I had to kneel in the bath  and lean forward to wash my hair. Awkward. And uncomfortable. And since moving out, I’ve only lived in places with shower cubicles. Just my luck. So, this beauty has never seen the light of day, and is now safely stored with my towels and bedsheets. Money definitely well spent.

So I thought I might do it again! Apartment Therapy featured this the other day, by the same designer:



Again, ah-maaazing, right? The woman is a genius. However, I think the bright green may be a little much. And when I move in with my boyfriend, this is way too colourful to make it past the threshold (I’m already preparing for the shower curtain discussion… The elephant would look GREAT in his bathroom!), so at the moment I’m leaning more towards this:


Sorry about the awful quality – see it here instead: http://www.denydesigns.com/collections/valentina-ramos-doodles/products/valentina-ramos-doodles-sheet-set

Or maybe I’ll go the full mile… AND GET THIS:

I know, I know, awful quality again (can’t you just squint when you look at it, or something?) – here’s the link for this one:


Oooooooh so much choice, so little money time… Which one to get? Opinions?

(The designer is called Valentina Ramos, and is something of the most talented I’ve ever seen. Check her out. Off you go Googling)



Caught My Eye: Ella

Meet Ella. I walk past Ella’s window morning and evening three days a week, and I am completely smitten. How could I not be?! I mean, look at those ears! Way too big for the rest of her! She is the Dumbo of the dog world, and she is proud.

Caught my eye: Gorgeous Lamp!

So I’ve been quiet for a while – there’s been lots going on. I’ve moved house (again) and I’ve quit my full-time job and am now trying to figure out my place in the world as a freelancer – both topics big enough for their own posts really. Keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, here’s a feature I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. I’m always spotting things when I’m out and about that makes me smile, gives me an idea or simply brightens my day. I’ve decided to try and capture those things here on the blog. Posting will be done on foot, so pictures will be taken with my phone, so the quality may be so-so. But this is more about capturing a moment than anything else, so here goes…

This lamp sits proud in the front window of a house down the road from where I work three days a week. It’s hard to tell, but the base is a rich dark blue, and in combination with that shade… Let’s just say it had me at hello (yes, it spoke to me) I just think it’s absolutely gorgeous – it makes me want to buy fugly lamps from charity shops and get my spraypaint and sewing machine out! Surely I should be able to create something like this without too much difficulty?