I have a secret alcove in my new room.

Can you see it? What about now:


A bit messy, I admit, but as there’s no room for bedside tables on either side of the bed, this, dear friends, will be the closest I get to a bed stand. Messy, and not cosy at all. So instead of continuing unpacking, I decided to focus on this! I had retrieved this light from one of the boxes:

It’s the Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen, from Design House Stockholm (check it out here: and I lovelovelove it! Its pretty in the window (maybe not in this picture…) but I decided it was perfect form y bedside nook. Like so:

It’s really hard to photograph this as it’s half hidden by the headboard of the bed, but this gives you a good idea. You see the little white dish poking up to the left? That’s where my computer remote lives. If I don’t give it a home, it gets lost, so I feel particularly good about that! I fantasise about painting the back of the alcove in a bright pink, or maybe wallpapering in a bold funky pattern (oh the excitement!) but that will be a later project. For now, having turned a secret alcove into a glowing a glowing alcove is good enough for me!

(Un)Organised Chaos

This was the plan:

Let the above drawing be the evidence: drawing room plans on the bus = not a single straight line. But, let’s keep it real – and it still communicates what I wanted to do. Alexandra came back (unbelievable) for a second weekend of ‘helping-Anna-move’ and was welcomed by myself and this:

We soon had one wardrobe assembled:

Next were the shelves:

See that? She’s still smiling! Can you spot the desk in the background? Even though the room turned out to be smaller that I had anticipated when I drew the plan above, we decided there was definitely enough room to have the desk.

After this picture, things get blurry as we ‘mad-unpacked’ and stuffed the shelves full with anything/everything – just to clear more floor and empty boxes. Few hands were empty for long enough to pick up the camera to document the progress along the way. This blurry iPhone picture is the best I’ve got:

The second wardrobe is in place, and so is my little bench below the window. This house move was exhausting, worse so that previous ones for some reasons. I’ll leave you with this beautiful picture of my moving/box/bruised legs. I was tired, achy and blue everywhere. But, I was home!

Another New Beginning…

I am currently living in a shared house. It may look as if I have moved house quite a lot this year. It’s because I have. I am a strong believer in not settling, and so if something doesn’t work out, I think you should change it. Don’t settle. So, the little studio caused me all sorts of problems, but as the proceedings over my deposit etc are still ongoing, I’ll be saving those stories for a later date!

So, shared house. I love it. It is warm and dry (hints at what the studio wasn’t) and I share it with 4 other people, who all happen to be lovely. I am very lucky. The house is in a road I have always wanted to live in, and now I am! This is what my room looked like when I moved in:

That’s Alexandra, my second cousin.  She’s incredibly hardworking and keen – I have barely got the camera out of my bag before she was dismantling the old wardrobe. Super-chick to have around at al occasion – especially during house-moves! 😉

So the room came kitted out with a double deb, a wardrobe (that was falling apart and my landlord agreed it had to go), some wall shelves, and this beauty:

Not only is it luxurious to have such a large chest of drawers all to myself, but this also happens to be a very special piece of furniture. It may not look like much, but it’s teak, and the top is leather, edged with brass. It needs some TLC, that’s all. Just watch this space!

The room also come with that pink wall and cheery butterflies, all curtesy of my housemate Debbie. Now, I’m not quite as cheery a person as Debbie, so decided to neutralise that wall a bit, using Homebase’s Soothing White.


There, blank canvas. Now, let the fun begin… 🙂

Flashbacks and falling leaves.

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. After a summer of (relatively) hot weather, it’s once more time to dig out knitted jumpers, scarves and jackets. And boots. Maybe it’s my Swedish heritage making itself reminded of, perhaps it’s because I was born in the autumn (September), but I much prefer the colder seasons. The colours of the leaves, the fresh cold air in your face, the smell… I just love it! And Christmas! Christmas is not far away at all! You know how I know? Starbucks have started serving Gingerbread Lattes. Have you tried them? They’re like an orgasm in a take-away cup. With cream. Soon, they’ll start showing the Coca Cola Christmas advert on TV, and then it is a fact – Christmas is indeed upon us. Damien Rice sings in his ‘The Animals Were Gone’ that we call it Christmas when the adverts begin. I think that is so true.


So, as I’m getting cosy and snug in my jumpers and cardigans and scarves and boots, I feel it’s time I start dedicating the time to this blog that it deserves. Over the last 10 months it’s been my intention to post at least 3 times a week. I have loads of material, plenty of projects, ideas and plans I’ve wanted to share on here, but… But somehow I’ve not got around to it. I’m hoping to change that now. But, as some of these projects are very much in the past tense, and as I’m still actively doing projects, there’ll be flashbacks mixed up with current events. It’s going to be a little confusing maybe, but hopefully lots of fun!