Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Life is fickle that way. This blog was supposed to be about the projects we took onboard and tackled in the house pictured in the previous post. Problem is, I don’t actually live there anymore. The house originally belonged to my ex-fiancé and he gave me half of it as a sign of commitment about 2 years after I moved in. So when we parted ways earlier this year, I gave my half of the house back. He has a daughter from a previous marriage – he needs a house. I don’t. So after staying with a friend for almost 3 months I was just about strong enough to tackle the fact that I had nowhere to live. I knew I wanted to live by myself and not in a flatshare, and obviously my budget was limited. Trying to find a decent studio flat for little money in London proved to be a challenge and a half, but I eventually stumbled across this! It’s small amd in an area of London I don’t know, but it is mine. Well, for as long as I pay my rent on time…


Where I’ll eat, sleep, sing and dance – and everything in between:

My little, little kitchen:


So this blog has changed direction a bit. It’ll still be about interior design and DIY projects but it will be as much about re-building myself, my life on my own, my confidence and my career as it’ll be about transforming this little space into my very own haven. Thank you for sharing my journey.

(images are from the flat advert on, so may be slightly distorted!)