“The greatest wealth is to live content with little” – Plato

In a world where the cost of property in urban areas is on a constant increase, we may find ourselves in homes that are just that little bit smaller than we had dreamed of. Extensions are expensive and not always possible, and upgrading to something bigger may not be an option either. HomeAnnaWay wishes to help you fall in love with your small home all over again, by showing you how to utilise every little bit of space available to you, in the most efficient way possible.
On this site you can find ideas and inspiration in our previous work, or work of others mentioned in one of our blog posts. Should you still feel like there is more we can do for you, we offer a personalised and bespoke service to suit your needs and exceed your expectations. Please get in touch!

Anna Ostman is a multi-discipline designer whose expertise in display design, furniture making, home organising, and compact living has taken her from Sweden to London and New York – always with beautiful yet practical results.